Friday, September 7, 2012

How Not To #2: Run A Social Media Campaign

The next in our series of 'How Not To' discusses how not to run a social media campaign. Social Media Marketing is a bandwagon, and some people get on just for the ride. Twitter can be a good vehicle in the fleet of a company's social media marketing, if used well. Or it can be A Lemon.

Supporting your customers needs is critical. Phone, e-mail live website chat: all tools in the armoury of a business. And Twitter is another such 'weapon', allowing for one-on-one contact with a customer, or potential customer. So bravo that at least one bank in Dominica is using it: Scotia Bank (and sorry for mixing my metaphors!). And yet...

And yet, two tweets a day, signing in, and signing out, gets just a little repetitive, month in, month out. I'd certainly hate to follow ScotiaBankDM! I understand the point is that they're there for me if I need it, poised to answer my every banking need. But still.

Come on guys, let's have a little well colour or personality to the tweets once in a while. How about 'It's a beautiful day here in Dominica!', or a 'Gosh the sea is rough outside Scotia Bank here in #Dominica'.

Perhaps the team of tweeters shown in the profile are nothing but robots; they're more than likely not even in Dominica, which is part of the problem. You'll get few returns on your social media investment if all you do is go through the motions; just a little enthusiasm - love of your brand or product - is needed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Content Planning Strategy

You website's content is key to its success, but isn't always given the treatment it should be. Here's a great article can can kick-start your content review.