Monday, November 15, 2010

What's it all about, Android?

I recently wrote a review of Digicel's Motorola Milestone, and today I saw a local advert for a LIME Android phone (the Sony Xperia). So why all the fuss about Android?

Firstly, the basics: Android is Google's operating system for phones (although it can actually be run on a computer or even an iPhone). Based on Linux, it's one of the major OS for smartphones with almost 50% of the market.

Why is it popular? One reason is that it's relatively easy to get - or even write - applications for it. Like the iPhone, apps enhance the functionality of the phone, making it more like a computer rather than a phone. Remember that smartphones are technically adept devices, with motion sensors, GPS, wi-fi, cameras and more, and applications tap into these features in a variety of fascinating ways.

So while you can certainly Facebook and Twitter, this is really just the tip of an intriguing iceberg that is your Android phone.

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ricoh said...

hi well
android is a new mobile operating system for hand held devices like palm tops and smart phones developed by the google people. it is a complete os with a tons of features specially degined for touch screen 3G mobile phones. its a great experience and is catching up soon technically and also design wise.