Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How not to launch a website

As a developer I've launched hundreds of websites over the years. There are of course many ways to do so, from the grand launch with speeches and presentations, to the quiet 'go live' overnight approach. But practically all involve and benefit from a well-crafted press release.

I say this because I saw a press release (original here) from a regional organisation recently, about a new consumer-oriented portal. The 'consumer-oriented' part is key because you'd expect them to want people to find the site. But nowhere in the press release does it provide the URL to the site. Nor does their own website link to it (even if you search for it). And a wider Google search fails to find it - just the same less-than-useful press release.

So this new website (ironically, it's for the rapid exchange of information!) is to all intent and purposes invisible.

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