Monday, June 11, 2007

e-mail checklist

Our e-marketing seminars emphasise the need to make sure basic criteria are followed when you start to using e-mail for marketing in a serious way. The points you need to check are

  • Do you have a strong signature, including your URL?
  • Meaningful identity (‘From:’)?
  • Professional address?
  • Timely response?
  • Think before you reply!
  • Is your system date correct?
  • Don't dilute the message with poor visuals
  • Hide multiple recipients

Regarding the last point, no-one wants to have to scroll through a long list of other recipients (besides, it might make people feel special if they think the e-mail's just to them!).

If you're e-mailing to anything more than just a couple of people, send the e-mail to yourself (or one address), but BCC to the multiple e-mail addresses.

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