Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogger v. WordPress

Now that business owners are becoming convinced that blogging is a good idea for their businesses, I am frequently asked the question,
" Which is better, Blogger or WordPress?"

It's a very good question and my answer is that both have advantages.

At Delphis Ltd, we currently run (or manage) 3 Blogger blogs and 4 WordPress blogs, so we're in a good position to compare the two. Of course, they're not the only two blogging tools around!

Advantages of Blogger.com

Its ease of integration with photo services such as Flickr is a major plus. After uploading a photo, you simply click the 'blog this' button above it and it is automatically sent to your blog.

However, there are features for a business blog that Blogger lacks - like a sidebar Search Box widget and online statistics. Having said that, the speed at which Google indexes new blog entries (within minutes!) is a huge advantage!

Advantages of WordPress.com

Amazing online stats that keep you up to date with what's happening on your blog. You can see:
  • Most Popular Posts
  • Referral Sites
  • Links people clicked to leave your blog
  • Keywords used to find you - I find this an especially good toll to help discern what my blog is missing!

I also prefer the way WordPress handles 'categories' and 'tags'. (Tags act like keywords for blogs and are very important in driving traffic to your blog.)
The categories feature lets you organise your posts in a more compact manner than Blogger's 'labels.'

Finally, I believe the Search Box to be an essential element on any web page, even more so with a blog.

For these reasons, I have been recommending WordPress.com to my clients who are creating blogs for their business.

Get Blogging with our WordPress Tutorial

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webdesign said...

I want to have my own branding and use www.mycompanyname.com - can I do that on a Blog?

Delphis Ltd. said...

Great question webdesign and the answer is an unqualified "yes." You can do this in several ways.

First, you can purchase a domain name (yourcompany.com) and simply re-direct it to your free blog.

Alternately, you can upload the Word Press Blog application to your existing website's hosting account and run it from there.

Some Hosting companies offer a WordPress blog as part of their domain hosting package, making this process even easier. In this case, they use a 'subdomain' so you could have blog.yourcompany.com as your blog address.

Steve said...

Do note that to fully integrate your own domain with a Wordpress blog you need to buy credits for that service!

Of course, with both blogs a simple domain name pointing to the blog will work.