Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Blog Means Business

More Blogging for Business

Many people ask me why they should have a blog for their business. "Isn't a blog just for teenagers?" they query. The answer is an unequivocal NO.

The Blog has become a very powerful e-marketing tool for businesses to present a personalised, up-to-date, and interactive environment to communicate with their customers.

You can give your customers a little more insight into who you are and what your business is really all about. Your posts are nearly a one-on-one conversation where you get the chance to speak directly to your customers in a casual environment. Be yourself, build your relationship with your prospective clients one post at a time.

The natural structure of a blog presents your more recent posts first, so visitors see what's happening right now, today. A simple scroll down the page keeps them in touch through yesterday's posts, then last week's. It's an on-going dialogue between you and your visitors.

Since visitors can post comments on your blog, you have the opportunity to interact with them. Ask for their feedback on your latest product or promotion and find out what they really think. (These comments can be moderated and edited by the blog owner.)

Get blogging
Here are several ways to use your blog:
  • Announce upcoming events.
  • Release a brand new vacation package.
  • Discuss a new product or service you are offering.
  • Request feedback from your clients or customers.
  • Address a current issue or concern.


While blogs are fairly easily to set up, they do require commitment and dedication to make them a success. Experts vary on how often to post, but I believe posting an average of once a week is necessary to keep readers interested and pique their curiosity to keep coming back.

So get yourself over to or and start blogging today!

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