Friday, January 16, 2009

To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

Twitter this, Twitter that... there is a lot of hype about Twitter in the media and particularly in the internet marketing world. One of Twitter's greatest claims to fame so far is President-Elect Obama's use of it to announce his running mate; another is ordinary people covering the Mumbai hotel explosions.

But many people I talk to are just plain confused about Twitter. What IS it? How in the world can it be used to promote a business?

Well, this week two well-respected experts summarised the value of 'the Tweet'.

David Pogue of the New York Times offered his "Twittering Tips for Beginners" in his column. After witnessing first-hand the power of Twitter for getting an immediate answer to a question while judging a grant program, David saw the Twittering light. (Read his article here.) While admitting that Twitter can become a drain on your time, he concludes that Twitter is:
"... a brilliant channel for breaking news, asking questions, and attaining one step of separation from public figures you admire. No other communications channel can match its capacity for real-time, person-to-person broadcasting."

Brendon Sinclair of also had an epiphany about Twitter this week. In his Newsletter article entitled "Oh My Goodness, I Undestand Twitter" Brendon equates Twitter conversations to his wife's ability to talk endlessly to her friends about a piece of furniture -- he explains how these methods of communication are simply different ways of strengthening bonds and building relationships.

"That's what Twitter is -- a relationship builder, a brand builder, a communication tool, and much more."

It is a 'different way to communicate' and while some of us don't see it that way, as Brendon points out "it's working for them."

So on we go... Follow us on Twitter!

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