Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Web Traffic Report Card for 2008

Now 2008 is over we can look back at website traffic for 2008 and compare with the previous year. And it looks great!

Our flagship travel site had a total of 233,667 unique Visits (up from 173,157 in 2007). Page Views almost doubled, 807,771 (up from 467,217), and both the Avg. Time on Site (at 3:35 minutes) and the Pages per Visit (3.46) were up.

Elsewhere on our network of sites, Visit-Dominica also showed healthy traffic stats - 111,611 Visits, 680,136 Pageviews, 3:53 minutes Avg. Time on Site and a very respectable 6.09 Pages/Visit.

Having long-term traffic stats is essential - and looking at them regularly even more so!

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